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E-mail 3-24-14

E-mail 3-24-14
Couple of things to tell you before I forget.  Please fix a foot docteur appointment with Mooney like the week I get back or the week after.  I’ve got foot problems for sure.  Nothing to worry about but that would be nice to have a little checkup right when I get home you know?   You agree?  Kay cool. And I would ask another little favor.  Okay it’s kinda big.  Would you please print every email that I have sent you during my entire mission and make a book out of it or something?  PLEASE. Does that make sense? I’m sure you can come up with something creative.  I saw that you’ve been slacking on the blog, so please update that too.

This last week was killer. Another double digit lesson week.  Things are seriously about to explode here! And we fixed a baptismal date with Henri. So fun to be apart of that.   It’s a pretty small ward but they are helping us more and more.  We are all on the same team.   Things are about to explode. I have really been putting a lot of thought into what we can do, we will be doing many many more family home evenings at members houses with our amis.  And we will be preparing for the 2Oth of April!  On Easter Sunday we are going to have an explosion of investigators at church.  We are going to present a plan this week at ward council to see how can help members invite all of their amis to hear a message on the Resurrection of Christ and invite us to their house to present it. Then we will invite all of these people to church. And then obviously hundreds of baptisms will follow. Pretty neat plan right. That is just a little blue print. I can’t wait to present it to the ward council.  PUMPED!!!
This last week was awesome.  Zone conference was good as always. President is a genius,  and Souer Poz as well.  They are seriously the most legit people Ii have ever met.  Not sure how they do what they do but they sure do it. 

I had an awesome exchange this week with Elder Cramer.   He is a boss. We had 3 hours to do contacting one afternoon before he headed home and in this three hours... we taught three lessons! One with a Frenchy,  one with a mother of three,  and one with a man from Mali.  All three taking place on benches that just so luckily (destiny) happened to be placed right where we contacted the people. It was seriously one of the coolest afternoons I’ve had all my mission. Pretty  soon we will just have to baptize all three of them.  We will have to see.
I don’t believe I  filled out a missionary deferment form for BYU-I mother.  But maybe Ii did who knows. And yes my son(Elder Davis) gave a killer lesson at zone conference haha.  Kid is a boss. He knows his stuff.  Paris is about 45 minutes from where we are at.  Its a quick little train ride. I think that answered just about all of your questions.

Have a good week!   Thanks for your prayers!   Don’t forget to start making that book mother!!!!   Love u for that, and everything else you do.   Stay awesome!
Elder Adamz

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