Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 3, 2012

Cher Famile et Amis!

This last week has been a life changing one for sure! So much to tell you but so little time to do so. I only get 25 minutes to email each week and I am a really slow typer (sad face). The Francais is coming along much better this week. I taught a lesson about La Parol de Sagesse (the word of wisdom) and it went super! I was able to communicate with my French teacher like I never thought possible. It has only been 4 or 5 weeks in the MTC and I can already (in Francais): 1. Ask Questions 2. Teach Lessons (I have taught about 20 or so thus far) 3. Testify (my favorite part) 4. I can pray (really struggle with this one)  5. I can somewhat carry out a convo with French people! This week I taught a man from Belgium and it was the best. It wasn’t the best because my French was good but rather it was the best because he crushed my dreams and made me realize how horrible I am at French and that I need to work HARDER.  He scared the "French" out of me for realzzz. I couldn’t sleep that night because I know that in 4 weeks I will be surrounded by millions of people just like him (scary thought). With that said, I’d be lying if I said I don’t love French, learning it is so rewarding and at times fun. Yeah I said it, FUN!

This last Sunday we had an amazing Fireside. I can’t remember the guys name but I do remember every word he said (almost haha).  He was an actor playing the part of Joseph Smith’s best friend and secretary, named Willard something haha. It was the best acting and speaking I have ever heard in my life. I have never had my eyes fixed on someone for so long. The whole entire hour and a half that he talked I was all ears.  I learned so much about Joseph Smith and the restoration of the church but I have no time to tell you everything.  But I will tell you the important part.  I felt the spirit the strongest I have ever felt in my entire life,  as all 2500 Elders stood and sang,  "Praise to the Man."   Every word in that song hit me like a train! It was during that song that I knew without a doubt in my mind and heart that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and he translated the Book of Mormon through the power of God.  Joseph Smith wouldn’t have left his wife, his new born baby, and so much more to die for a silly book if it wasn’t indeed true!  I hope that I never forget the way I felt during that Fireside.

I can’t wait for Hadley to come next week!  That will be a real treat for sure. I haven’t seen a familiar face in years it feels like.  I am so excited for him to finally start the ole mission. I am only four weeks in and it has changed my life forever haha.  He will be a legit missionary for sure.  Give me the deets of his farewell?  I am sure it was legit.

Tell Greyson Happy Birthday!  I miss Raegen and Greyson more then anyone I think haha (jk mom and dad; you’re the best)  I can’t believe he is already a year old. I got his Birthday party invitation in the mail yesterday.  That is one good lookin dude!  He is gonna be such a stud.  Same with Raegs, that little girls got swag.

Well I still haven’t seen an Apostle but hopefully one comes this week.  The day I left for San Fran an apostle came (sad face),  what good luck I have huh haha. I have a couple chances to see one this week. Tonight during devotional and Wednesday night we are having a special fireside for the 4th of July. Oh and we get to watch fireworks!  That will be life changing I’m sure.  I always did love fireworks.

Well I’ll just end with my Testimony of my Savior. The time is just about up.  This entire last week I have been studying the Atonement and have come to realize how truly grateful I am for my Savior Jesus Christ! I have learned so much about his great sacrifice but I still know and comprehend so little. I do know that Christ knows and loves each and everyone of us individually.  I may not have been there to see Jesus heal the sick or to feel the marks in his hands, but I BELIEVE.  I believe that I will have that opportunity to do so one day. I believe that through his atonement Ii can live w/ God and my family again.  Jesus Christ suffered and bled from every pore so that he could feel, know, and understand what we are going through. We were taught this week the importance of BELIEVING.  If we don’t believe we will not have the opportunity to KNOW!  (please read 2 Nephi chpt 31- Life changing)

Sorry this is short and I didn’t answer any questions mother but my time is up! I love Y’all to the moon and back.  Stay Awesome. Stay neat. Stay Faithfull. Y’all are the best!

Elder Miles Adams

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