Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 17th, 2012

Bonjour Mere et Pere et Famille et Amis!

Yet another bon semaine ici a  MTC!  It blows my mind each week as the time continues to fly by.  I have learned more in these last couple of weeks than I thought possible.  My tete (head) feels like it is going to explode daily, but its a good kinda explosion, like it means that I am learning.  The French is really coming along well.  This week and last week I have been receiving help from two returned sister missionaries who served in Paris.  They have helped me so much with Passe Comp, Imperfect, when to use ''y" and when to use "en."  This week has been a real nice treat for sure!

But every week has to have a sad happening, as did mine. Soeur Opeta left on Monday for Madagascar :( ! She is a native French speaker so she only had to be here in the MTC for 3 and half weeks or so.  She sat by me in class and taught me so much about French, about life (outside the USA, in the real world), and about everything.  She would force me to carry out French conversation with her daily and I can’t even begin to explain how much that helped me!  I in return would help her with her English.  Her French is about like my English and my French is about like her English haha.  She is seriously the most amazing person II have ever met.  She grew up on an island hundreds of miles away from Tahiti.  Her island is about fifty feet wide and miles long. She has had absolutely nothing given to her in life. She is the most humble/gracious person I have ever met.  She is also a grade A genius.  She studied at a university in France and then moved to South America somewhere to continue her studies.  She did this all on her own, without any help form her family.  Most of her family are not members so that makes her story even more amazing.  She hasn’t seen her family in 6 years!  She has really helped me to put my life into perspective. The Lord has blessed me beyond my comprehension!  I was sad to see Soeur Opeta go, but I know she will be a special missionary in Madagascar.

Seeing Hadley this week was a real treat!  I have missed him so much.  I got lucky and ended up seeing the Faught Family (+ Ryan- Love him) drop off Elder Faught.  It was so fun to see real people!  The only people I have seen these last 7 weeks have been missionaries.  It was fun to give David, Loni, and Ryan a hug (hugs are rare here in the MTC so I gladly took advantage of it.)  And of course it was a real treat to shake Soeur Faughts hand and to see Elder Faught all dressed up in a fancy missionary suit.  I have seen Elder Faught probably 6 or seven times since he got to the MTC.  He is going to be a bomb missionary. He seems to have head start on the Spanish so that will be nice.  I’ll be sure to send a picture of us soon!  (I think Logan or Ryan have a pic on their phone- tell them to send it to ya)

This week we received four new roomies who are all speaking French and will be serving in Canada somewhere (sorry I don’t remember haha).  They are all really nice and will be excellent missionaries.  I feel so old ever since they got here.  They ask me questions 24/7 about French and about the MTC and I can surprisingly answer almost all of them (such a weird feeling to know more French than some people). This week for our devotional we had Jenny Oaks Baker (Elder Oaks Daughter) come and give a talk/ play the violen for us.  She is one of the best violinists in the world and put on a real show for us.  She was amazing!  Music here at the MTC is rare so that was a real nice treat haha.

My travel plans should be here in a week but I'm not sure yet.  But the plan as of now is that in exactly two weeks I will be on a airplane right now heading to France! (but I try not to think about it cuz I am definitely not ready; I’v got so much more to learn!)  Thanks you so much for the package of goodies!  My favorite part was definitely the Zucchini bread.  That stuff was amazing (my District said to tell you thanks).  The day after I got your package the Stockard’s also sent me one.  Thanks Tom and Julie, ya’ll are the best!  Packages are always a real good experience minus the fact that they make me fat hahah.  So far willard has gained 11 pounds on the mish and I’m sure these last two packages will help bring the total up.  Tomorrow I get to host the new missionaries!  I am pretty excited about that.  It is always fun to watch the mom, sisters, brothers, and even dads cry when there lil boy or girl leaves for the mish haha, but its only a little but funny cuz that lil situation kinda happened to me like 7 weeks ago (rough day in Elder Adams life).

I will not need anymore food or candy mother! haha. I am going to have a heart attack if you continue to feed me!  But I guess if you had to, I wouldn’t mind another box of Krsipy Kremes, hahah.  Those things are the best.  If my district gets lucky I might share a couple with them.  My time is all up!  I love you all to the moon and back.  Thank you for all the letters and goodies!  Life is good here at prison so don’t worry bout me!  Next week I will try to make room for a spiritual thought or something haha, the time flies during the half hour they give us to email!

Bon Quote from elder Holland "If people are unresponsive and careless during your lessons, we must love them anyway.  If we love them today, maybe they will become more responsive tomorrow!"   So true! (happens with my MOCK investigators all the time) hahah.


Love Elder Adamz

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