Sunday, July 8, 2012

The "MTC " Rap

The people here are crazy nice,
but don't get to close you might get lice.
Number 1 rule about this whole MTC thing,
when you're in the shower please don't sing.
During devotionals and firesides the spirit brings power,
but not when the kid next to your forgot to shower.
At the MTC it sucks to be tall,
especially at devotionals because in the bleachers there is no room at all.
This place is like a prison in one certain way,
the security guards and walls won't let you go astray.
After dinner around here you must be smart,
because when you feel a silent squeaker coming it might be a shart.
This is the place to learn and grow,
and that is exactly what I will be doing, Yo!

by Elder Adamz

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